Premiere: Yuan – Avance


Billowing clouds of smoke filled the platform as last minute travellers rushed to make the train before it left. A shrill whistle sounded and the train pulled out of the station slowly with a loud grumble. This journey was a little different than your average route; you took this train at your own risk. The destination was always unknown and the path you took there was always full of strange sights and odd surprises. If you are in need of some adventure this was the journey for you; you might even find something you'd always been looking for…

Ransom Note sub-label Insult To Injury are making their way into the world of cassette releases with a new EP from Yuan, a producer and DJ based in South London. Avance is an introduction to his acidic dance floor focused sound, which also comes complete with a remix on the flip from Phantasy mainstay Ghost Culture.