Premiere: YS – Dreams We Share


Somewhere, out there upon the horizon was something more, something beautiful. It could be achieved, not only through hope alone but by a magical dream, something which they shared. If it were meant to be, a way out of this place, then that was all that they could hope for. The white clouds hung thick in the evening sky as the heat still burnt down from the heavens up above, this place was a barren land, a desolate destination built only for outcasts and lost souls. It was here that they wandered and weaved a path towards a better future. 

Pace Yourself is a party series and record label based out of Berlin, the next EP from the label comes in the form of something intriguing and mysterious. A 12" from YS, of whom we know little but receive a lot. A promising release purpose built for the well listened dancefloor. 

Listen below:

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