Premiere: Younger Than Me & Francesco Farfa – Slave Master


Red stained lips, narrowed eyes framed by thick black lashes, and a confidence that could cut through any situation. Wherever she went people quivered at her presence; her authority penetrated every room she entered. She’d always had that effect, especially on men; who could ever resist a dominating force like her?

Ahead of the Berlin-based duo parting ways after five years, and Francesco continuing to steer the ship solo, Younger Than Me are coming correct with the fourth release on their 90’s Wax imprint, a sub-label of UK-based imprint Tusk Wax. Like their last instalment with Skatebård, this one is another collaborative EP, which sees our R$N family member and ITI boss Timothy Clerkin joining them, alongside a pioneer of the Italian progressive house era, Francesco Farfa. The two tracks with the latter, ‘Slave Master’ and ‘Glory Hole’, channel their love of 90s rave and progressive house, made to be played in a dark, sweaty basements.