Premiere: Youkounkoun – Senorita


The way she danced was hypnotic and graceful. Her red dress moved back and forth quickly, the soft silk delicately spun under the glow of the pale moonlight as she moved her way along the promenade. Many had gathered to watch her breathtaking performance, it was a remarkable feat of beauty and it was of little surprise. The floor seemed to open up majestically for her to move through with a delicate pace, her feet touched softly upon the tiles as she danced. A senorita in the midnight glow…

Youkounkoun are the next to release on the infamous edits series which has charted up a string of followers and startled dancefloors far and wide. Edits Du Plaisir have a talent for sourcing the very best in reimagined material, built for the dance. Listen below: 

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