Premiere: Yolek & Estebahn (LMB) – Still Don’t Give A Stab


Life on their planet had become increasingly dull, so much so they’d planned to escape and explore other corners and crevices of the vast expanse we call space. Perhaps elsewhere there’d be activities and experiences that would pull them out of their day-to-day slumps, maybe they’d even find a new place to call home – well, that would be a touch. It would be no easy ride though, their journey might not lead them anywhere, and in the worst case scenario they might never return…

After a mini hiatus, Geneva’s Brainwaves crew are back with a bang. Following the electro and IDM creations from Weith, we’re treated to a release from ‘two alien sociopaths’ AKA Brainwaves affiliate Estebahn and Renens-based producer Yolek. Together they are LMB and the fruits of their year long collaboration come in the form of ‘Leck Meine Bahn’; a sludgy, chugging collection of cuts that teeter on the fringes of EBM, trance, bass and rave, layered over a foundation of jungle and breaks-driven drum patterns.