Premiere: yehno – Lullaby (For My Dramatic Self)


Soft tones echoed in the glow of the moonlight, a gentle song designed to ease the senses. This was a lullaby for the euphoric, the happy and the peaceful. As they closed their eyes and began to dance between the trees the song played out loudly upon the breeze, it echoed and sent a shiver up the spine, igniting the senses. This place was magical, ethereal and beautiful. It was isolated, an outback in the middle of nowhere in which they could not be disturbed but for the stars. 

yehno is set to release a brilliant new EP on Collection Disques Durs. The Nova Scotia based musician has a unique talent for creating big sounds sound beautiful. This is perhaps no more clear on what is a stand out track on this record – a song called “Lullaby”. 

Listen below: