Premiere: Yard One – Enhua (Roger Van Lunterens Acidic Re-Feel)


Enhua had been far from home for a long time now. She missed her friends from the tiny village by the sea but it had been time for her to leave. Little had made as much sense to her in her life but this. She must travel far through this land to find where she belonged. Her family were good people by the coastal town and they always would be, but she felt a connection to something which called to her from beyond those surroundings. It was primal, a reason to search, a reason to find the root of her very being. 

The latest record from Tact Recordings has been receiving a solid stream of support from the likes of Gerd, Mr Ties, Efdemin and Missimiliano Pagliara. Here is the remix of Yard One's 'Enhua' from Roger Van Lunteren. Listen Below: 

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