Premiere: XBeat – Sfalzo


The moon was a fruity fluorescent pearl against a backdrop of black, it was shining yellow and gold whilst the world slept. He watched it from his bedroom dreaming of outer space, keen to learn more about the stars and the cosmos beyond that of which he could see. One day he’d take flight and leave this earth behind – some called it a wild and reckless dream whilst others hoped likewise. He turned the music up loud to drown out the presence of the absent stars as he wished to be one of them…

XBeat is a supremely talented producer from Italy, anything he touches seems to turn to gold and as such he has amassed support and praise from the likes of Dj Stingray amongst many others. His new EP see’s him showcase a variety of styles and techniques, demonstrating his passion for techno, electro and beyond. 

Listen below:

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