Premiere: Wyn MT – Time Waster


Wandering alone by the sea he looked out upon the deep blue beyond and wondered what it might be like to leap forth into the waves. The wind howled and the rain battered down against the side of the cliff as he watched boats come and go in the port below. He was supposed to be at work but here he was, up near the clouds atop the hillside wasting time and watching the world pass by. Some called him a dreamer, others felt he was lost in his own thoughts. He cared little for their perspectives… 

Wyn MT and Brochs are set to release a split cassette tape, a collection of offbeat folk and playful ambient experiments which are as enchanting and alluring as they are fun. The release comes on a new label, Selkies, which perhaps portrays the whimsical nature of the music most effectively. 

Listen below:

The release is out tomorrow and can be bought HERE. Follow Selkies on Soundcloud HERE