Premiere: Wraetlic – Tactic (Hodge Remix)


Out there, on the court, was an overwhelming sense of tension and stress. It was to be a long day under the spotlight and watch of a crowd who were waiting for blood. This was a sport, a challenge not for the faint hearted. It was all about tactical perseverance and pressure. Who would be the first to buckle under the strain of the great beyond? This was tactics in the most blunt of senses, in the most pressured of environments and under the watch of the world. 

Huntleys & Palmers affiliated imprint Belters have announced a new series of remixes off the back of the successful Wraetlic release from earlier this year. It was hugely well received and has now been kitted out woth a new series of EP's to follow suit. 

The first features reimagined versions from Hodge, Deena Abdelwahed, Pseudopolis and DINA. A forward thinking club ready affair with a statement of intent. 

Listen to the remix from Hodge below: