Premiere: Wolfram – My Love Is Real Feat. Haddaway


Standing at the end of the corridor he watched as the building emptied for the day, he retreated back to his lonely classroom and opened his desk drawer to begin writing a letter. This had been coming for a long time, he had wanted to tell her of his feelings for a long, long time. She was his boss and he was but a mere mortal amidst the towering empire of the trinity. This college had a place and purpose, something he felt he did not, but she made him feel alive. His love was real, as real as could be and he would show her.

Wolfram is set to release a fun filled LP on Public Possession/ Live From Earth Klub, his music has been the life and soul of the alternative dancefloor for many years and he prepares to enter the fold once more. The LP is being teased by a preview in the form of a four track EP which features an all star cast including Egyptian Lover, Westbam and F**KING Haddaway!!

Listen below: 

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