Premiere: Wolfram – Automatic Dub (Cable Toy Remix)


As he makes his way down vibrant streets, the rays of light from lamps above smear in his direction as if singlehandedly powering his enthusiasm. His eyes fill with people of varying demeanours, yet he pulses at the gleeful unknowingness of what will happen as he proceeds towards his fate of joy, love and music. His surging excitement protects from the cold air of the dark winter as his only focus is warmth and light. His heart rushes at the thought of his friends eagerly awaiting his arrival in the pub down the road. Sometimes us lucky few realise just how lucky we are.

What an absolute pleasure it is to ‘reintroduce’ Wolfram’s 'Automatic Dub', which is due a second edition re-release at the end of the month. The italo-inspired track was a hit in 2018, steeped in Moroder-esque synths, 80s nostalgia and non-stop-feel-good vibes. The re-release features two additional remixes from Rex The Dog and St. Petersburg producer Cable Toy who's Balearic-infused twist has you dreaming of Ibiza in the 90s.