Premiere: Wolf Müller meets the Nile Project feat. Kasiva Matua – Mabomba Dance


The sun had begun to set over the golden sands, painting the sky's canvas with bright shades of reds and burnt orange. As far as the eye could see clusters of trees bordered the river bank, enclosing the water's mighty current as it swept up leaves and pieces of debris in its path. But further down the bank, the waters were calm and inviting. People from the local towns and villages had all come to bathe together before sunset and usher the night in as one. As the glowing sun took its leave once more, everybody raised a hand in unison and waved their goodbyes.

Under his Wolf Müller guise, Jan Schulte has collaborated on a new EP with Egyptian and Kenyan musicians as part of a project run by arts and music organisation, Santuri East Africa. The Salon Des Amateurs resident matches his signature percussive production with the talents of collaborators Rapasa Nyatrapasa, Kasiva Mutua and Adel Mekha, with the results getting a release on Nouvelle Ambiance.