Premiere: Witch – Flec (Leyla Records)


As the end of October approaches, an eerie chill fills the air and the feeling of unease that flows through all of us grows intensely. There's something a tad sinister about every last sound that we hear and we're sure that we heard a peculiar sound floating in on the breeze. This year there's an even greater twinge about this chill and it has flecks of something greater than even hidden within it.

That might well be because of the upcoming EP release from Witch, an English duo who are providing our ears with a gritty and tough techno workout. This particular offering, 'Flec', that we're fortunate to be sharing with you today is a steadily marching beaut that'll mess with your mind and make you feel as though all manner of spells have been cast upon you. You have been warned but we'd still heartily recommend indulging in this aural gem;

Induction Hardened Bedways is out on 4th December via Leyla Records.