Premiere: White – Blush (Everything Everything Remix)


You know what we're like here at R$N Towers, sometimes we can't resist something that gets a bit weird and Everything Everything's remix of 'Blush', the latest track from WHITE has got the satellites on the roof that are linked up to our ears spinning in delight.

Whether we're getting caught up in the chaotic swarms of sounds that dominate the track or using the brief pauses as a chance to grab a sip of tea there's not a moment where our mind feels anything other than very impressed. Why would you want to live in a world where every sounds is predictable when you can have as much fun in between your ears as this remix allows?

With both the original band and the remixers on the verge of their very top form, this is sure to send your head to all sorts of beautiful places;

Blush is out on 25th September via RCA.