Premiere: WDDS – Reunited


A knock sounded heavily on the door, stirring her quickly out of her seat. In one fell swoop she downed her drink and made for the door. On the other side of it friendly faces greeted her with open arms. Overwhelmed, her stomach squirmed uncontrollably, feelings of anxiety and excitement mingling into one. She couldn’t believe they were all reunited, this had seemed like a far off dream not so long ago. She had to pinch herself to remind her that this was reality.

Following his first EP Twilight/Crato in December of last year, Manchester-based producer WDDS returns with his second EP Wilderness/Reunited. Produced during a period of physical and mental isolation during lockdown, the two tracker transmits feelings of reflection whilst looking to a brighter future, through warm pads, deep atmospherics and low slung grooves.