Premiere: WDDS – Get Into


Even in a crowded room of friendly faces he felt lost, unable to find his voice amongst the excited conversations and sputtering bursts of laughter. He needed to get out of his head and get into it, but though he wanted to, it was far more difficult in practice than it was in theory. For now he would fain a nod and muster a smile; remaining there in body but not in mind.

Manchester-based DJ, producer and 1020 Radio resident WDDS has been putting lockdown to good use this year. Following remixes for Codex and TR, a contribution to Accidental Meetings compilation, and a second release on his own Hectare Discs imprint he returns for a third on the latter, a two tracker titled Get Into / Lies From Diefeffell. Bringing contrasting but complementary sounds, the A-side merges hip hop influences with skittering drums while the flip brings deep pads and an off kilter D&B rhythm.