Premiere: Wbeeza – Bodyman


The delights of the universe were captivating to the naked eye. To be able to witness a galaxy in all its glory for the first time was a spektral wonder, a wacky wave, a release of light and the dawn of a new age. Stars flew overhead, they rocketed between the planets, glimmering brightly in the midst of the enchanting darkness. Space was a beautiful place, if only we had always known that we were not in fact limited to the confines of our tiny planet. If only we had known, we could always fly. 

How many 'e's can you fit in one name? I swear, everytime we receive a new track of promo featuring the illustrious Wbeeza he has snuck another one in there without us noticing. At least that's what the press release said, we've opted to go with two, I think that's right? He appears on the latest compilation from the Music Is Love Family alongside the likes of Mak & Pasteman and New Jack City. Listen to his track 'Bodyman' below:

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