Premiere: Wayward – Shiva


The ice was melting quickly beneath their feet as they marched their way downwards from the peak of the mountain. The sun had finally risen from behind the seemingly endless grey to create a hazy scattering of shadowy shapes across the cliff face. Rocks began to shuffle and move softly beneath their feet with eacg step they took further back down to earth. It was like another planet when you were this high amidst the clouds, it was hard to believe this was the same place that the day to day chaos of the city might exist beside. The world was a beautiful place, truly, it was. 

Wayward appear to be a duo set to boom with definitive purpose and singularity. The forward thinking duo have received a vast array of support from big names such as Dixon, Ame and Bicep. Their latest EP on Silver Bear looks to be no different. Listen below: 


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