Premiere: Wayward – Good Afternoon Mr Magpie (Big Miz Remix)


The bird sat promptly in the old apple tree at the top of the garden. Good afternoon Mr Magpie, how are you today? It was the ominous bird which brought with it a sense of foreboding dread, it was the imp of the mind which lingered from the night before. The morning after was never very fun, at least that's what his experience of it was. The party had been so tall and grand, it had felt like it might never end and run for all of eternity but like all good things, it had to end. 

Wayward are to release a new remix package which features an all star array of talent in the form of Brame & Hamo, Duke Hugh, Folamour and more. Big Miz features on the EP, the Glasgow producer very much on the rise following his new album on Dixon Avenue Basement Jams. Listen below: 

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