Premiere: Vromb – Extraction


The jail was crowded and from time to time the prisoners would bang upon the metal frames of their cells and let out wild cackles. It was ominous and eerie beneath the cloak of darkness, the perfect time for an extraction. The breakout had been planned for months but this was the closest by which they had gotten to being able to achieve the escape. Walking outside the tall walls they each said a prayer in which would hopefully keep them from paying the big house a visit for themselves. For they were about to break the law. 

Vromb is a producer of which we have been keeping a close eye upon. Featuring in the sets of selectors like Lena Willikens, Vromb is a rogue veteran producer who has been around for many years, the sounds as weird and odd as you might imagine. Exactly why we fell in love with this EP on Chambre Noire. 

Listen below:

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