Premiere: Vox Low – You Are A Slave (Robi Insinna Dub)


From top to bottom, tall windows covered the staggering high rise in the centre of the city. As the sun set on another day, the orange and pink hues reflected on the building, painting it in dreamy pastel shades. Inside the clock hands pointed to 5pm: closing time. In their throngs, men and women dressed in uniform exited the building in single file. Not a hair out of place, not a crease to be seen, their moves synchronised. Every day the routine was the same, nothing ever changed. They were slaves to a system, to a corporate entity that had juristiction over their every move. 

IND 003 marks the second vinyl release on INDUSTRIA, the new project label of Robi Insinna AKA Headman. The result of a meeting with French band Vox Low after playing together in Bordeaux, the swap remix record will be available on a limited press of 200 records, 190 of which will be hand stamped and numbered. INDUSTRIA is Robi Insinna’s multi-disciplined art project combining different forms of artistic expression across music, artwork, fashion, video and products.