Premiere: Vox Low – Trapped On The Moon


Just behind the greying, granular edge of a crater, a twitching front man emerged from the slow descent of the days unnecessary solar visitor. Restraining his unusual gait, he conceded and the soft, dark crespescular creatures crept close to him. His senses were worn thin, the nightly beasts were his companions and comforted his gothic woes. Peering beyond his own gravitus, he still knew those that orbited thousand of miles away from him were not from this lunacy.

Les hommes Parisiens Vox Low return on Evrlst with another black & white homage to some of England's finest post-punk, kicking off with a Joy Division intro then slowing down like some gothic Can rekkid. Full of behind-the-guitar-neck click strums, toms from Morris and, then, that always running away bassline that makes you realise this is actually a fucking dance record! Take me back to my teenage disco, just somewhere more glamorous than Runcorn please.

Vox Low – Trapped On The Moon is released on very limited 12" red vinyl by Evrlst and can be found HERE from 3rd July 2016.

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