Premiere: Vox Low – Some Words Of Faith


In times of darkness and peril often it can be hard to find the guiding light at the far end of the tunnel. Motivation, hope and trust can be required but most importantly what is needed are some words of faith. Some words of courage and some words which will see you through to the other side of the black. Who will step up to deliver? Who will speak the words of reason and truth? Not I, not you, but maybe someone else is out there, waiting to voice a cry. 

Vox Low seem to be continuously pushing out music at present. Their output is vast and very, very good. There latest EP for Correspondant is titled 'The Hunt'. We bring you what has been the selectors favourite cut from the EP so far, 'Some Words of Faith'. Listen below: 

Buy the release HERE.

Photo by Marion Barat.

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