Premiere: Vontier & Mago – Derrumbes y Escaleras (Chez De Milo Remix)


Sometimes I find myself struggling to uncover whether you’re a lover without a tongue or a friend who’s just body. I could not understand how two people could meet so intimately full of fire, yet be at loss when the presence of terminology would hover, scrambling up from its cave of comfort, begging to be fed. Now I find that the uncertainty has itself become a new fire, and I loll in its cool desperation, wondering when the smoke will cease.

‘Derrumbes y Escaleras’ is the first single to be taken from Mexico-based producers Iñigo Vontier & Theus Mago’s first ever collaborative album. Alongside remixes from Zillas On Acid and Saiko, Bristol-based producer Chez De Milo’s take extends upon the original track, which draws inspiration from the Indian board game “Snakes and Ladders” as well as the hallucinogenic mushroom “psilocybe caerulescens”, popularly known as “Derrumbe” and formerly used in prehispanic religious ceremonies. Chez De Milo expands upon the ancestral flutes and psychedelic spurs in the original track, converting the melody into distorted vocal chops that fly over the undercurrent of percussion.