Premiere: VONDA7 – Change of Heart (Byron The Aquarius Dub Remix)


A ten-course meal was awaiting the guests who huddled around a dimly lit wooden table wedged in the corner of the restaurant. As they exchanged pleasantries and drank wine they were slowly overcome by the implacable avalanche of taste: each ingredient dissected and singled out, each recipe deconstructed and elevated, creating newly discovered flavours. Each new dish quashed its predecessor with its soaring levels of palatable intricacy, leaving the guests’ taste buds eagerly awaiting what lay in store next.

VONDA7, founder of Berlin-based art | werk has delivered her latest single “Change of Heart”, accompanied by remixes by her jam buddies Danny Goliger and Byron The Aquarius. Today we share Byron The Aquarius’ version; a sunkissed rework that matches VONDA7’s dreamy far out vocals with weightless keyboard stabs and tripped out breaks.