Premiere: Volta Cab – Shujumi (Anatolian Weapons Remix)


The ocean was vast, watching from atop the lighthouse he looked out at the endless expanse of blue before him. The horizon in the distance was barely recognisable, the meeting of two azure forces almost invisible to the naked eye. He watched as the waves crashed into shore and rolled softly back out again – the air was warm and thick in the midst of the summer heat. Sighing, he took one final look before proceeding to walk down the spiral staircase of his lighthouse, soon this would all be gone. 

Volta Cab is set to release a new sun kissed EP on MM Discos, a balearic affair with real prominence and might. The record is nicely rounded up with remixes by Pletnev and Anatolian Weapons. It is the Anatolian Weapons remix that we bring to you today. 

Listen below: