Premiere: Voin Oruwu – Sunray


The ship blasts from the grasp of gravity like a slingshot fired with squinted eyes, leaving an ever diminishing planet to the rear. The unknown blackness of space replacing visions of metallic mountain ranges and endless seas of non-newtonian matter. A beacon of otherworldly frequencies and signals draws them across the universe. They’re yet to find what they’re looking for, but the consequences of failure are too grave to imagine. As they approach the centre of another solar system, the ship’s front visor fills with a deep blood red colour and searingly bright light, only partially filtered by the basic human technology implemented in its construction. “It’s beautiful” the ship’s captain says, “but it isn’t home”.

Nastia’s showcase for emerging Eastern European talent NECHTO brings us a fantastic release from Ukraine’s very own Voin Oruwu. An affiliate of Kyiv’s legendary party CXEMA, Voin Oruwu has made some gigantic waves over the last seven years, and his first release on NECHTO is no exception to the rule. Inspired by everything from the conflict in Crimea to Kyiv’s famously idiosyncratic rave scene, the release contains five tracks of culturally perceptive electronic music that’s sure to make you take notice. Track ‘Sunray’ is seven minutes of high-octane techno, stripped to the bare essentials; pounding kick drums and pads oozing with futurist optimism.