Premiere: Vincent Floyd – Music Therapy


Sitting all alone in his room he paced up and down looking for a release from his own troubled and chaotic mind. Outside he could hear the sirens and the traffic which echoed in a city which buzzed with people like flies and wild creatures. This didn't feel like home but at least he had something here which might help him to process his strange and obscene surroundings. Music therapy had always been his way out, every time he'd felt lost, afraid or alone he'd found solace and peace in the beauty and delicacy of an instrument. The noises it created were like soothing tones which played upon his emotions like a wonderful chime. 

Vincent Floyd is a producer of which we are sure you are familiar, if you aren't then there's something wrong. A house music innovator and a pioneer, he hasn't lost his way. This much is clear on a new EP for the recently launched Italian label NICEPEOPLE. 

Listen below:

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