Premiere: Veslemes – Morning Patrol


“Sea levels have risen and cities that are not wholly flooded are overgrown with emergent new flora adapting to this new and hostile environment. In more remote locations, overgrown jungles and forests are exhibiting signs of a strange crystallisation: entire swathes of jungle petrified, calcified, crystalized, fauna included…and stories of missing explorers rumoured to themselves have crystalized.”

After mind-bending releases on Optimo Music, Macadam Mambo and more recently Byrd Out, Athens-based producer Veslemes AKA Felizol takes his mysterious and singular musings to Invisible Inc. A conceptual work, Apolithoma takes inspiration from JG Ballard’s novels “The Drowned World” and “The Crystal World”, which explore dystopian visions of an irradiated Earth. Merging an array of instruments, from saxophone, clarinet and vibraphones, to oboe and guitars, the resulting tracks are equal parts eerie and playful, providing “a mirror into the psyche”.