Premiere: Vermelho Wonder – O Corpo (Tolouse Low Trax Remix)


The mirror was covered in smudges and dust from decades of wear and tear. The woman used the corner of her sleeve to remove the marks, rubbing the glass clean bit by bit. She stared back at her reflection studying each part of her body from head to toe. Wrinkles had replaced her porcelain skin and her eyes now appeared sunken and dark. The slow march of time had begun to catch up with her, but she didn’t mind much. Nothing lasts forever, that's something she'd learnt to accept and appreciate a long time ago.

For their second release Brazilian label ODDiscos welcome their close friend Vermelho Wonder, who also holds a residency at their ODD parties in São Paulo. Title track 'O Corpo' is a lamentation poem about the depreciation of the body that is backed up with two hypnotic remixes from Romanian duo Khidja and Salon Des Amateurs family Tolouse Low Trax.