Premiere: Velax – Rhythm Control (Original Mix)


Neon lights illuminated their path to the city, a beacon amongst its vast, dark surroundings. Pedal to the metal they raced down the freeway, eager to make the most of the precious few days they had there. As they approached the main strip they were mesmerised; the brightly lit hotels and bold, kitsch restaurants were everywhere. It was unlike anything they’d seen before, something of an attack on the senses. This was exactly where they needed to be.

Next up on German imprint Emerald & Doreen is a debut record from Alex Twitchy AKA Velax. With more upcoming releases lined up for the likes of Dogs & Vultures and NUFF, Velax gives us an introduction to his cosmic synth-driven sound, bringing together influences in acid, electro, indie dance and Italo. The EP, titled Decisions, is made up of three diverse and colourful originals, from the electro-tinged title track to the driving robotic rhythms of ‘Sound Of Mind’, and the Italo Disco-infused romanticism of our pick ‘Rhythm Control’.