Premiere: Vanishing Twin – Vanishing Twin SyndromE


The issue had been forced, the cards were laid bare upon the table. They knew what they must do. The vanishing twin had left their family broken, however, the time had come to strike back and find the culprits at hand. Their small village had lived through wars, peace, and natural disaster, the wooden huts sat promptly on the hillside. Now, into the jungle they must go, to find their long lost brother, their long lost twin.

Soundway Records continue to uphold a reputation of excellence as they deliver music of superb quality time and time again. This time they have placed their faith in the recently formed group Vanishing Twin who blend traditions of English Pop alongside arkestral and world influences, a winning combination. Here is an exclusive premiere of 'Vanishing Twin Syndrome'. Listen Below:

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Watch the video below:

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