Premiere: Vanessa Worm – In Heaven We Are


The clouds were light and fluffy, they concealed all the chaos and pain which lurked on earth down below. In the morning glow the shape of each wispy bubble was unique and beautiful as they floated atop what was an endless floor of dense white. He'd always wondered whether he might make it to the pearly gates, would they let him in? Now as he held hands with an angel he wondered why he'd ever begun to worry or threat. He had lived a good life, down there amidst the normality of the city life. He'd never guessed that one day he might float away some place else, into the beyond. In heaven he was, in heaven we are. 

Vanessa Worm will release an album via the longstanding Glasgow based record label, Optimo Music, later this year. This is the first single taken from the forthcoming LP. 

Listen below: 

Visit the Optimo Music bandcamp and buy HERE