Premiere: Uqbar – Celestial Waves


The moonlight cast a glowing shimmer across the globe. The sea lit up in the midst of the midnight darkness and all was peaceful in this place. The celestial waves flowed gracefully as the currents travelled across the world. The planet was at ease with itself for the first time in a millenium. The human race had now abandoned this place, they had deemed to too extreme to inhabit anymore. Now, nature could be left to its own devices without the imprint of man. A new dawn was born. 

Uqbar is the latest artist to release on Sempor Memor. He is also known as Solune and is one half of the Arcarsenal duo. He delivers an ep of prestigious quality and expertly crafted electronics for the label which has been on form as of late. Listen to 'Celestial Waves' below: 

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