Premiere: Untitled Series – 001


A game of cat and mouse had unfolded in the neighbourhood, the illusive character seemed to be everywhere but nowhere at all. They’d left their mark on many households, on shops and on street corners, but whether these were well-meaning or a sign of impending danger, nobody knew. Whether the mystery would reveal itself, they’d have to wait and see.

South London-based label and party PROGRAMM have been busy cooking up lots of exciting things for the year ahead, starting with a new white label series, ‘Untitled Series’. Their second label outing following last year’s inaugural VA – premiered here – the first ‘Untitled’ release comes as a VERY limited run of 10 copies on 10″ lathe cut plates, with hand etched artwork on the reverse. Don’t sleep, these will be gone before you know it. And, if you aren’t lucky enough to nab one, keep your eyes peeled for round two…