Premiere: Unknown – Rock The Boat (Benedikt Frey Rework)


The party was in full effect, brimming with friendly faces and lively, incessant chatter. She shimmied through the crowd discreetly grazing her fingertips against his as she passed him. Their eyes locked for just a moment and her heart began to race. She gulped and quickly averted her gaze. This had become a recurring situation that they now knew all too well. Day after day, night after night they battled with these same desires, trying to fight their primal urges. How could something that felt so right feel so wrong? It was their secret, and it would have to remain that way. At least for now…

Berlin-based party and mix series Warning kick off their new label with two reworks from Benedikt Frey and DJ TABLEDANCE. On today's premiere, Benedikt puts a dark and sleazy spin on a classic cut from Aaliyah.

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