Premiere: Univac – Mandelbrot Set


He readjusted his glasses so he could narrow his eyes and survey the class room slowly. The students cowered or looked away as his gaze passed them; nobody had the answer to his question. This was a regular occurrence: but whether it was down to the student’s lack of knowledge or the fear of answering before this daunting figure was yet to be determined.

Brooklyn-based DJ, producer and violinist Beartrax welcomes Spanish producer Univac to his Melodize imprint for the first label outing of 2021. Having previously released records for Bunker, 30D and, more recently, David Vunk’s Moustache Records, he makes his debut on Melodize with ‘Polar’: two powerful, icy electro cuts written on Univac’s Moog Rogue, backed up by two stellar remixes from Extrawelt and John Tejada.