Premiere: Unisex Audio Club – Miamishi


There were still too many miles to go. No matter how fast he drove, no matter how many gas stations he saw disappear from side to rear view mirror, the freeway stretched ahead of him. It never relinquished, "there" was always still to be reached. The hazy neons of the traffic signs blurred and melted into the cobalt skies around him. Time could not be caught, but his appointment he dare not miss.

Magic Feet finally wake up and realise it's 2017 and release a new record. The Spring sampler sees Markus Gibb and newcomer M.E.A.D. and long suffering friends Unisex Audio Club. The enigmatic Scot gets cinematic on this release, modish sequences, FM basslines and emphatic strings give a yearnful yet insistent drive to this journey. Wind the windows and the volume up.

Magic Feet Spring Sampler is due soon. Follow the label on Facebook for updates.

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