Premiere: Tyu – Bailando (Bawrut Remix)


The rain hadn't stopped for days, a constant downpour that soaked you through to the bone. People feared to step outside into the open and instead had taken refuge in their houses. Now, little noise could be heard throughout the town except for the consistent pitter patter of raindrops on the corrugated steel roofs. This had become the soundtrack to their days, the beat to which they danced in the confines of their home. Bailando was their only escape from the continuous thrashings of mother nature. 

Mexico-based imprint Duro are gearing up to release their next EP from one of their label mates Tyu. Ransom Note mainstay Bawrut, alongside Tel Aviv producer Niv Ast, take on remixing duties, twisting the punkish drums and melodic synths of 'Bailando' into a peak time track littered with freakish vocal yelps and driving synths.