Premiere: Two Thou – Thousands of Chimes Together


As the sun began to set on the summer evening, the families in the village gathered to toast away the day. Once a year an annual gathering would take place; a celebration of friendship, life and togetherness. Each took their place around a huge table that stretched the entire length of the main cobbled square. An extravagant feast sat upon it, dishes from all over the land that piped wonderful smells into the air. As laughter and chatter rang out, a thousand chimes from the village church signalled the beginning of the evenings festivities. 

Lakuti's label Uzuri Recordings operates with the mantra 'Independent Music for Independent Minds'. She's welcomed a range of artists, many who've returned for multiple efforts on the label, including Jitterbug, Move D and Giorgio Luceri. After a brief hiatus she returns with the label's first release of 2019 from Italian producer Two Thou; Clavinet Discourse is rooted in deep soulful house, saturated in percussion and bright jazz-tinged keys.