Premiere: Twins – Glass Breaks Glass


The crack was fierce and abrupt. The windshield smashed furiously before his eyes as the metallic framework of the car in front careered off course and into his line of vision. Glass breaks glass, metal breaks glass, people break glass. Inside the car there was a state of panic and shellshock, it fell across the faces of each passenger as they realised what had happened and the state in which they were now in. Life would never be the same again and in all honesty, there might never be a way out. As the road stood to a halt people began to stop and stare. 

TWINS is an artist we have been fond of at Ransom Note for some time now, he is set to release a new album on Mike Simonetti's 2MR record label. He delivers an intriguing assortment of noise, rugged excursions and weirdo electronics just the way we like. Listen below: 

Buy the release from May 4th HERE.  

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