Premiere: Tushen Raï – Bordel Des Arts (Feat Baptiste André)


The Hard Fist co-founder releases his first solo EP on Cracki Records.

When she struggled to define her place in the world; when existential questions continuously circled her mind; she came here and sat in silence. The marbled room was as high as it was vast. The space was decorated with regal statues and innate sculptures, while beautiful paintings adorned the walls from floor to ceiling. In the centre a single bench offered a view of the entire space, and it was here she would sit for hours, focusing on the present, not the future.


As well as being one of the minds behind Lyon’s Hard Fist Records, Tushen Raï has stamped his style on productions for Tom Tom Disco, The Magic Movement and Esthetique; solo, as a remixer and alongside musical partner (and fellow Hard Fist co-founder) Cornelius Doctor. Now he’s embarking on his first solo EP ‘Drum Circles’, a sonics meditation on ‘an imagination weakened resulting from the cultural globalization.’ A homage to diverse cultures, practices and belief systems, the trance-inducing tracks blend a melting pot of influences and sounds, motivated by curiosity and an open-minded approach.