Premiere: Tronik Youth – Never Said, I Never Said (Cabaret Nocturne Remix)


I really just don't understand why you are being so argumentative about all of this? We were just having a laugh weren't we? Yes, I admit I may have had too many drinks and I know that you have always said that when it gets like that you feel you can't trust me. But on this occasion you are totally out of order. Sometimes you have to have a little more trust in me, and not just your friends. I know they were next to me and him at the bar, but they certainly misheard the conversation, the music was loud and then they assumed a situation. I promise you, I never said that. Never said it.

Mister Nein Tronik Youth puts his proteges to one side and steps up and delivers a cavernous slow motion head wobbler, on this occasion ably abetted by a Cabaret Nocturne remix. With a glimpse into his new Berlin dark parishes, the insistent and naggy drugger twists about like a man possessed. Dark and metallic, get some smoke relief here.

Tronik Youth – Death Rattle is out on Nein Records on 22nd July 2016. Get it HERE.

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