Premiere: Traela – Drifting


He walked the busy streets as the rain crashed against his face. He drifted through the crowds as they marched down the sprawling roads. Between buildings loomed the shadows from the clouds above, they cast a black and hollow spell upon a city which was now rife with corruption and chaos. As he drifted between the blisffully ignorant he pondered whether they even knew or cared of what went on in the hierarchy which surrounded them. Many of them were lost under the influence of authority, what was the point in their fightback? It would be crushed within a second despite the strength of their attempts. The way out was blocked. 

Traela is the latest artist to release on HHATRI. The label has previously released music from the likes of Soichi Terada & Shinichiro Yakota. Traela's EP is a dynamic wave of deep house, techno and world music influenced soundscapes. Listen to "Drifting" below:

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