Premiere: Tracing Xircles – Inner Path


Deep within the maze he wandered between corridors and dense green walls of foliage and fear. He was lost and struggling to find a way out of this twisted fantasy. They’d told him to follow the inner path, it would lead him to where he needed to be and open the door to a world of new found possibilities and an enlightened sense of self. The dark sky loomed overhead as he looked upwards towards the stars and dreamt of home far, far away. He shivered and proceeded onwards…

Blue Hour is a label of which we are most fond here at Ransom Note, it represents that sweet spot between heavy hitting techno, trance and euphoric ambience. It’s the type of inspiring, uplifting material which has been keeping us going through a miserable year and for that we tip our hat to them. This track is by Trading Xircles, a collaborative project which focusses on texture and soundscapes as much as it does club ready material. 

Listen below: