Premiere: Tout Casser – Luk Fukin Gud Pls


The door banged as he marched down the corridor away from the laughing classroom.

He didn't look back and to be honest he couldn't give a damn whether they howled, giggled or cackled. The teacher had asked him to look good, to sharpen up and straighten out his act but what did they know after all? They were the one in the suit. His life wasn't theirs and hoped it bloody well wouldn't ever be. He began to jog as he approached the fire escape, he'd soon burst through into the daylight and never look back. Look good? Who cared? 

Tout Casser appears on a new split release from Geneva based record label and crew Brainwaves. A rapid, furious assortment of hard hitting electronics, driving industrial textures and beyond. 

Listen below: