Premiere: Topher Horn – Projections


The light was bright as it beamed and bounced upon the old brick wall. The projections were engaging and detailed, a visual stimuli for the darkness and a guiding light towards the dancefloor. Deep underground there was a chamber full of dancers, they had each followed the mythical projections and had wandered fascinated amidst the corridors and passageways until they found the source of the sound. This was not your typical friday night, far from it. It was something new, something unfounded and humble. The lights were simply to guide the way. 

Topher Horn is set to release a new EP via Yore Records, a well established imprint which has released a sprawling catalogue of underground house and techno across many years. The latest EP in the series is yet another fine example of the integrity and stature of the imprint. 

Listen below:

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