Premiere: Tolga Fidan – Nebula


Far away, in the jungle of outer space lay a maze of dust. A cluster of stars, gas and floating wonder. This was the place, the nebula. The darkness of the galaxy could swallow you up, cut away at your very soul leaving it with nothing but cold disjointed loneliness and blackness. Space was not a place for the tame or faint of heart. It was a place for the fearless, the rugged, the robust. Only those types could exist amidst the nebula, only they would prosper. 

Tolga Fidan is well travelled: originating from Turkey he has experienced the musical culture of London, Paris, berlin and everything in between. Listen to his latest release on his own label TFR below:

Buy the release HERE. Follow him on Facebook HERE. Follow him on Soundcloud HERE.  

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