Premiere: Tkuz – Dagon


The silent, soft ripples which had entranced as the vessel crossed the harbour were now as distant as her hopes of survival. Tar black breakers rolled into her boat, smashing against the bow as the sea bed raged with anger. The surf felt summoned, flung in fury by the mythical beast fathoms below. Why had such a creature turned it's fury on this naive captain? As the trawler was tossed and shuddered by the force, the woman screamed futile as the god laid bare her humanity.

Sulk Magic returns with it's third collection of left-field recordings, taking a darker route on this multi-layered six-track EP. Mexican producer Tkuz (Clouded Vision/ Le Dame Noir) shares this "nefarious industrial chugger". Sonar bleeps and bounding bass propel it forward before it becomes submerged in the darkness. Horror rave synth stabs and bottomless sci-fi vox samples drown the dancer, in this eerie and foreboding techno tackle.

Various Artists – Sulk Magic : III is released by Sulk Magic on 22nd May 2017 and can be found HERE. Follow the label on Facebook.

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